Trustee Founder of Vera Hospice Charity Foundation
Director of the Moscow Palliative Care

"Palliative care is our philosophy. In PACED we believe that a patient and his or her inner world and turmoil matter more than the medical outcome. People should never die in agony.  

With palliative care, any pain - physical or spiritual - can be much reduced, even when not entirely relieved. Effective and timely palliative care gives a person the opportunity to die with dignity and in comfort.

Professional and compassionate palliative care should become the norm and not an act of heroism."



Emeritus Clinical Reader in Palliative Medicine, Oxford University.
Former Head of the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Palliative Care

“One of the lessons of the last 50 years is that the need for advocacy, training and implementation of high-quality care at the end of life grows rather than diminishes, particularly as populations age and awareness increases. 

PACED is a new partner in the global challenge but, with appropriately targeted activity, can do much to turn the slogan ‘Palliative care for all who need it’ into a lived reality.”




Trustee Lawyer, entrepreneur, Chairman of the Board at Vera Hospice Charity Foundation.

"There are two types of charitable support: individual, addressed towards specific people in need, and systematic, that brings change to processes. Both are vital in helping those in need. 

Systematic support requires more implementation time, but ultimately brings about a more significant change. This is the approach PACED will apply in its activities, aimed at raising the level of palliative training and promoting free access to quality end-of-life care."




Mike joined PACED in February 2021. He was previously Chief Executive of a charity fighting tuberculosis in the UK and internationally. Previously Mike worked in palliative care for Marie Curie, managing its Bradford hospice and the community nursing service for Yorkshire & the Humber.

You can contact Mike on [email protected] or by phone at +44 (0)7855 741855.

High Fives

People worldwide should have access to palliative care and live in comfort and dignity, without pain – to the very last hour. Morphine (or other strong opioids) should be universally and readily available for pain management in advanced disease. PC should be a fully integrated part of health services in every country, delivered by highly trained, multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals and caregivers.